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Our group of energetic brokers knows what it is like moving to a new city - the process can be overwhelming. Chicago is a beautiful and exciting city, so there can be a lot to think through when making a commitment to your new home. Let us help filter your options and answer the questions you may have. 

Our brokers / leasing agents have done all of the hard work and research and have combined our expertise with some creativity around how we work with our clients:

  • Need to meet us? Let us recommend a coffee shop, bar, or other place in your future neighborhood to start your search.

  • Have questions about top rated high-rise apartments and condos? Check out Soloma's Top 10 Lists.

  • Have questions about top rated restaurants and bars? Also in Soloma's Top 10 Lists.

  • Just want to ask some questions about moving to downtown Chicago? Go to the Contact page and send us an email. One of our friendly agents will answer your questions.

  • New to the city and looking to make friends? Join our Group Tours where you can meet others who are also searching in the downtown Chicago area.


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