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Date Night In The West Loop Neighborhood In Chicago

Imagine going out on the town for an unforgettable evening with your significant other. The bustling city, the beautiful lights, the eternal options for food. Luckily for you, Chicago is home to thousands of wonderful restaurants that boast just those things, and more!

Below are five fantastic West Loop & River North restaurants that are known for their lively atmosphere, great food, and fun dining. These restaurants are located in or near the downtown Chicago area and are not listed in order of importance.

1. Parlor Pizza Bar

The Parlor Pizza Bar is the perfect place for casual dining and a memorable environment. This bar has three different locations; West Loop, Wicker Park, and River North. They’re all over the map!

Parlor’s pizza is a one of a kind, Neapolitan inspired, 12-inch pizza that has tons of different toppings perfect for any adventurous pizza expert. Just a few of those toppings include Leek bechamel (whatever that is!), shaved Brussel sprouts, and achiote marinated pork. However, even the pickiest of pizza eaters can go here and enjoy a Margherita pizza.

This restaurant should be at the top of your list, with so many toppings to try, unique desserts to eat, and an engaging ambience, you’ll be coming back for seconds!

2. Bar Siena

Looking for a swanky, beautiful, inviting restaurant that’s still in your price range? Bar Siena is the place to be. This spot envelopes you in its Chicago style charm, with two stories of seating, leather booths, and a gorgeous tree with lights in the center of it all.

Not only is the ambience and scene exceptional, but the food is as well. Bar Siena is an Italian restaurant with dishes ranging from various pastas to incredible sandwiches, and a selection of draft beers that will make your experience there all the better.

The romance with this restaurant is real, be sure not to miss out on it with your loved one! If you’re looking for something more fancy, check out the sister restaurant Siena Tavern.

3. Cruz Blanca

Ahh, Cruz Blanca, a relaxed, beloved Mexican restaurant right in the middle of the Fulton Market Area. Cruz Blanca is casual and lively, and the ideal place to spend a lunch date. They’re admired and praised for their quality beer and simple yet delicious Mexican cuisine. If you want to spend your time in an easygoing environment with a cool, sleek ambience, this is the place to be!

4. Barrio

Authentic Mexican food, a fancy modern atmosphere, tons of wines to try… this restaurant can easily go as the perfect date spot. Barrio serves amazing Mexican dishes such as tacos, fajitas, and nachos and are well known for their various alcoholic drinks! Not only that, but the plenty of sunshine, loads of space between tables, and great service makes the experience there even better. It’s also nestled right in the city, so right after you wine and dine you can go out for a night in the town!

5. Aba

And finally, last but not least... Aba is the perfect place for you to explore your exotic taste buds! The food is absolutely delicious and the menu has an incredible range of food. There are grilled cauliflower kebab’s, lamb and beef kefta, black garlic shrimp scampi, and so much more. But what is just as important is the scenery.

On this rooftop bar, you can enjoy gorgeous plants that surround and tower over you, dim lighting that provides a cozy atmosphere, and light chatter that reminds you of the hustle and bustle of Chicago.

If you get lucky enough, you can even get seated on the outdoor patio, where the Chicago skyline wraps around you as you enjoy your pistachio cake.

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