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Dress To Stay Warm In Chicago

Chicago is certainly one of those cities that remind you of the winter, especially if you are moving from a warm climate. Cold winds, piles of snow, and a long chilly season is something Chicago residents know very well.

However, it isn’t too hard to find just the right clothing brands to keep you warm and protected from the fresh winter air… especially since we have our top 5 picks right here (not in order of importance)!

1. North Face

It’s easy to say that North Face clothing is one of the top tier brands to stay bundled up and cozy. This company has been well known for their quality clothing for years now, just their reputation should give you enough confidence to buy from them!

A personal recommendation for Chicago specific weather is the North Face weather-proof jackets, which are light and airy yet designed to bring as much warmth as possible.

2. J. Crew

This number on the list may surprise a few people, but if you’re looking to stay fashionably snug, J. Crew is the place to be! They have a huge array of comfy crewnecks, long and classy trench coats, and eye popping colors for men and women alike.

Staying toasty on a cold Chicago day doesn’t have to be dull and boring, so adding a pop of trends and colors to your outfit won’t go unnoticed!

3. Colombia

Colombia is a clothing brand designed to withstand the coldest of temperatures. Imagine walking down Michigan Avenue flaunting a Colombia Long Hooded Jacket and being absolutely unbothered by the freezing air. It’s a dream, and one that can easily come true!

This brand has some really great choices for anyone and everyone, and has an amazing reputation for keeping their customers warm.

4. Canada Goose

Canada Goose has some extremely high quality weatherproof jackets, which are essential for rainy/snowy/sleety Chicago weather. This clothing brand is specifically made for the harsh winter season, which means they’ve unlocked the secret to staying warm in Chicago weather conditions. If you want guaranteed warmth and a cool 80’s look, this Soloma approved brand will not disappoint! Not to mention, half of Chicago residents own Canada Goose and show it off during the brutally cold months.

5. Carhartt

Another wonderful brand, with even more wonderful prices; Carhartt. This affordable yet quality brand is gaining more and more traction with young and old alike. Their hats, jackets, and even thermal base wear has been getting rave reviews, not to mention

Carhartt beanies are at the top of the trend pyramid right now, and for good reason. Every product from this company is perfect for any Chicagoian, with great insulation and an economical advantage. Why haven’t you gotten their Sherpa lined coat yet?!

Well, there you go, the 5 top brands for warm clothing all wrapped up in a short post.

Before we go, a top tip, get water-proof boots. Chicago winters create a melted ice slushy on sidewalks that tend to get very deep and you would be very happy to learn your feet are protected from water if you ever step in one of these natural traps. Good luck out there this season!

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